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If yours is original, although they look alike you can tell the MKI from the MKII by the voice driver. The MKI has a male voice and MKII has a female voice. On the back of the unit, if there are twoconnections that are blue and purple then the unit is a MkII. If the connections are brown and black then the unt is a MkI.

Go to "SET" and the 3 in SW 3-1/63 is the MK number.

An MKIII would be faster but still CD based. An MKIV will be even faster and on DVD so you don't need several disks. I went from MKII and 4x3 screen to MKIV and 16:9 at the same time, so I am not sure how it works if you upgrade to MKIV without changing to the wide screen.

You can't use a NAV unit from an E65/66 or newer car. You can't use a screen from a non-E38 or E39 as the X5 version and others are different sizes.

Regarding NavTeq, you just can't buy the CDs or DVD direct anymore, it has to come from the dealer.

Two good resources:
E38 2000 740iL Orient Blue
E91 2012 328xiT Alpine White

Passed on to new families:
E30 1987 325i Royal Blue
E39 2003 540i/6 Sterling Gray
R56 2010 Mini Cooper S British Racing Green

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