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Originally Posted by spydrz View Post
IIRC the oil pan drop requires removal of the subframe in the I6's.
I don't know what a "subframe" is, but, there seems to be a bar that goes right across where the oil pan lies, so, that's probably the subframe.

- Today I'll try to get the left-over 1/2" bolt segment out; I have two ideas:

1. If it's not actually threaded in, I'll bend a wire in a hook and try to pull it out (I think the threads might have collapsed).

2. If it's still threaded, then I'll pick up backward-threaded screw extractors (I realized belatedly that what I thought was a screw extractor yesterday was really a tap so I was turning it clockwise when I should have been turning counterclockwise).

3. Any other ideas to remove the 1/2" bolt segment?

PS: How dangerous would that bolt segment be in my oil pan?
Can I just leave it there in the back of the oil pan drain hole?

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