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Originally Posted by Z4golfer View Post
Atty, you've got experience with this.
I ordered the 35is on May 24th, and given a production number later that day. Received an email from my CA on the 27th telling me the car was in production and should be completed the following week and we may get the car a week earlier than planned. (He never gave me a date, only an estimate of 7-9 weeks.)
I called the BMW 800 number and followed the prompts to find the completion date to be June 2nd. That's only 9 days after I ordered it! I do realize it may sit for a while before transport, but can I start getting excited for it to be here in that 7 week range?
The CA had said they were snagging one ready to go into production, and it looks like they did.
By the way my car is coming to the west coast. How much extra time does that take on the ship?
How does everyone add their configurations to the end of each post without having to retype them each time, or do you?

Thanks for your input. (This is way too exciting!)

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Z4golfer, since you got a quick production date, you just might make 7 weeks! Let's keep our fingers crossed! When I originally ordered mine, my CA said to expect 8 weeks even though it may be sooner. As I've mentioned, I picked mine up six weeks to the day that I ordered. Like me, you got a very quick production date, so that should move things up a bit. Your car, though, is going to the west coast for delivery, so I'm not sure how much time to add on for that trip. Maybe others can speak up if they know how long a typical voyage takes to the west coast. There are a couple of places where things can bottleneck. First is at port waiting for a vessel. You just can't know how long your car will sit before it gets on a boat. I lucked out with a couple of days, but it seems others have waited longer. I suspect your car would be loaded on a ship making stops in New Jersey, Georgia, and then on to the west coast. That could be a good thing, since there are many more of those ships departing. Once you know your car is safely aboad a vessel, and you know the vessel's name, you can look up its schedule and know exactly when it should arrive in port. The other unknown is how long the car will sit at the vehicle prep center. I've read for some folks it has sat for a week or longer. (The longer it sits, the more nervous you get because you wonder if anything happened during shipment. Of course, it could also be something as innocuous as a missing seat module that is on backorder!) I think I lucked out here too as my car was at the prep center three days if I recall correctly. And I was fortunate enough to have missed the backordered seat module problem.

Overall though I would say seven weeks is reasonable, but a wishful reasonable. I'm just not sure if another week for delivery to the west coast is enough. I really think I lucked out with six weeks to the east coast, but BMW does seem to run a highly efficient operation. To play it safe, you might want to plan for eight weeks but hope for seven. That way, at least, you won't be so disappointed should seven weeks come and you don't have the car. It's better to be surprised with an earlier date than disappointed with a later date.

Have fun, though. It's torture to say the least, but the anticipation is really part of the fun too. I had a blast tracking my car and sort of made a joke about it. Everybody wanted to know where my Z4 was on a particular day. Sad part was, I could tell them!

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