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Originally Posted by bkmk5 View Post
So thats where you went! Glad you didnt take my advice. I think I may have enjoyed St Thomas more if I stayed at a resort instead of trekking around for 6 hours both times i've been there on a cruise.
That's the problem with cruises, you don't get to explore the island. And for me I like to explore and see the locals , ate from the local chicken trucks the whole visit LOL it was , craving red meat now tho LOL

Originally Posted by bkmk5 View Post
Update: Why are old italian men who do tile retarded? Is there something in the thinset? Every person I call to do the backsplash is some sort of retarded.
It' breathing in all that thinset LOL, a lot of those things are not healthy to breath in, some have asbestos in them.

Update: Finally some decent coffee...mmm... and Back to the daily grind I go
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