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Originally Posted by bkmk5 View Post
No idea... still listening to the old stuff. Makes me feel young again before mortgages and working with complete morons. Simpler times. Skateboard in our basements skate park and go to school. Hmpph Growing ups a bitch.

Update: Nothings changed since my last update!
bkm... good point. Maybe I shall listen to some when I'm on my way home and see if I feel 16 again. I like your thinkin!. All I'd need is a 12pack of natty ice and some classic rock and I'll be good to go!. hehe.

Originally Posted by 6 Brit View Post
pistols may be for newbs but I can't really comfortable keep a rifle next to the bed for home a rifle bullet will go right through someone whereas a larger pistol bullet with hollow points is truly for stopping someone dead in their tracks...

Update: been discussing the possibility of learning to hunt with crossbows with my man...sounds fun!
Lol yeah I know what you mean. Either or you'll find what your looking for just don't jump into anything without trying it first.

Update: Just ate some chefboyardee. Lakers game T minus 5 hours.
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