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Originally Posted by DosBimmers View Post
New here first post...

I bought the first K1300S in Phoenix last year.

Problems to date: It did stall a few times on me under hard braking comming to a quick stop. Ive heard of others who have had a few more occurances than me, however BMW did put out a recall notice to have the bikes ECU reflashed. I havent had any other problems since.

Pros: Beautifull (I have Lava Orange), FAST and unique. When I decided I wanted another sport bike, yes, even with the release of the S100RR, I consider the K1300S a sport bike, I didnt want to pull up to a red light on a Jap bike and see another one across and or next to me. The K1300S is definately a unique bike. For its size it is very nimble and easy to manuver. The duolever suspension is phemominal. Its comfy around town (has the option of SPORT/NORMAL/COMFY setting) and very stable at speeds in excess of 150. The GSA (Gear Shift Assist) is a must. It allows for clutchless upshifts, after first gear, even at WOT. basically, just pin the throttle and go. ABS, Traction Control and TPMS are added benefits that I have. Its comfy 1up as well as 2up, with the ESA you select either 1 rider, 1 rider with gear or 2 riders and the suspension will auto calibrate to compensate for the added weight.

Cons: I cant stay off of it. Just over 1 year old and I have 11K mi on the bike. Other than the ECU flash and reg oil changes I havent had an issue. The first big service is at 12K, $$.

I have been so please with the quality of my K1300S that I went straight to BMW when I was in the market for a new car. I hopped in an '08 335i coupe and was sold.
DosBimmers, great write up on the K1300S. The lava orange on that bike does look fantastic. Post up some pics if you get the chance.

My decision was a tough one but the two main reasons I passed up on the K1300S was the riding position (this is subjective to each rider) and the fact that the dealer was almost an hour away from me while the Ducati dealer is within a mile of my home. Really though, both are great bikes and I don't think I could have made a wrong decision between the two. The BMW bikes are just superb in quality, and I was almost the opposite of you. I drive a Bimmer as my car and that lead me to look at their bikes.

Keep enjoying that bike (and car) and ride it in good health!
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