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Yea that sounds like a very good price for a one owner with that kind of miles. I just purchased my first e38 a few days ago and the funny thing is it reminds me of my very first 85 E32 735i. Clock was not even working at 156K but it was as smooth as silk and could do 100MPH like it was doing 60. Seems at least up to this generation Beemer really did put the best into build quality into the sevens. My brother, a car salesman, told me something once and I have found it to be true. When you test drive a the he** out of it and then when you return let it idle.....if it has issues or leaks trust me you will see it.

I have seen it in cars he has purchased a 7 series can do 200K+ easy if decently cared for. On a side note I just found this forum by accident why doesn't it have a link from the main forum?

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