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I have a 2010 X5 35D (3 months old) and am having recurring problems with the rear bumper popping out of the clips, thereby wrinkling the top of the bumper under the lower tailgate, and making it impossible to open the tailgate without scratching the paint. We first noticed the problem when we went to open the tailgate one day and it was rubbing. Then you notice the bumper is loose. So we took it to the dealership and they told us the car had been hit (and suggested by the garage people who park our car and that it happens often) even though there is not even a scratch on the bumper. It cost us $500+ to have them reattach it. We tried to get reimbursed by the garage but they claimed no way they did it.

Well, now it has happened again. Not a scratch on the bumper. If it has been hit while parking it is incredibly light or on something soft as absolutely no visual evidence. We flagged it to the garage parking attendants and took it to the dealership again (remember we have had this car for less than 3 months and barely driven it). Same story...they told us it has been hit. We pressed...this is a bumper after scratches. Well, come to learn they are seeing a lot of these but don't seem to be doing anything about it. The BMW dealership says it was run into something so its our problem. I decided to do some watching and found another X5, same bumper style parked in the garage, and sure enough it has the same problem (I can see this on the bumpers). I have a feeling the owners don't even know it as the only way you really spot it is when you lower the lower tailgate. Then I started looking around at other X5's and found another one parked on the street (we live in NYC, plenty of X5's around) with the same problem.

I find it unbelievable I'm being asked to pay another $500 out of pocket for this. Many people have commented that these black plastic bumpers look crappy. I can put up with the looks, but to have a bumper on a $50K+ car that pops out of place every time it is bumped forcing you to either wreck your paint job or pay $500 is ridiculous.

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