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Originally Posted by GusIsBoosted View Post
When i was younger we use to steal them out of my best friend's dads office.
Never knew a goddamn thing about them, other than they where EXTREMELY tasty.
Now that i can legally smoke haha, i have been wanting to get into the loop but i have no idea where to start.
Any one wanna be my mentor? possibly share some of them tasty cigars? Since you got sooooo goddamn many in that box *cough* TXSTYLE *cough*....

anyway, Ill never forget the time his dad got home and started flipping the **** out when we apparently snatched some of his "the cigars your older sister brought me back from cuba!" cigars (my buddies older sister was born in mexico, so she could travel in and out of cuba with no problems)

Never seen a grown man rage that hard over a cigar before......
Haha! Good story.

Well since there are literally more brands than I can name, my general rule of thumb is to stay around the $4+ a stick brands. Now I prefer the "mild-medium" puros and they can usually be identified by their honey colored or Connecticut style wrapper. The darker/chocolate wrappers are more robust or "full bodied".

Can't go wrong with:

Romeo y Julieta
Monte Cristo
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