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For anyone wanting confirmation from the horses mouth that the Audi/VW/Citroen/Peugeot oil is the same as the Esso LT 71141 (ZF now calling it LifeGuard 5) look at ZFs own site here (this took a lot of digging around!) & click on the 'List of Lubricants TE-ML 11'.
Direct link to List of Lubricants TE-ML 11 ,strangely that list isn't as upto date as the one on at site (Tech info>Trans fluids>ZF Lube List).

This old TE-ML 11 lube list from 2004 shows that ZF used to list it as LT71141

For those of us forced or want to use Esso LT 71141 that is.

Btw re UK prices, the 8.38/ltr I mentioned earlier doesn't include VAT. So it's 9.85/ltr , yes the Valvoline oil is cheaper (8/ltr) but not by a large margin as it is in the USA. Hence I've gone for the Esso oil.

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