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Originally Posted by Graham E39 528i View Post

Mobil 1 ATF in slushbox (changed once at 75,000)
Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
I was about to add this to the transmission summary of recommendations but which automatic transmission do you use the Mobil1 Synthetic ATF in?

The green sticker or black sticker transmission?
- Automatic transmission (green sticker): BMW PN: or Texaco ETL 8072B or Shell LA2634
- Automatic transmission (black sticker): Dexron III ATF (realistically Dexron VI ATF) BMW PN: or Exxon LT-71141

I'm going to guess, based on the "Esso LT-71141" designation below, that you have the BLACK sticker transmission.
Is this assumption (that Mobil1 Synthetic ATF can be used in the (black sticker) automatic transmission) correct?
Originally Posted by bmw_n00b13 View Post
The problem with this thread is that nobody is also posting the manufacturer and model of the transmission they have, making it quite difficult to ascertain the applicability of a given fluid.

Bluebee, it may be worth it to cross-post the info in the glossary to the wiki (which is really supposedly where it should be, as opposed to in the forums but nobody looks there).
Sorry, my transmission is the General Motors A4S 310R (As to the color of the sticker? I have no idea)

Note: This transmission is not mentioned in Bentley on page 020-10. Surprise, surprise, huh?

I should add, the Mobil 1 ATF was put in by 'Beverly Hills BMW' after the previous owner complained of difficult shifting. The mechanic, at the time, made a note of 'thick sludge' coming out of the 'box.

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