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Originally Posted by bmw_n00b13 View Post
The problem with this thread is that nobody is also posting the manufacturer and model of the transmission they have

You definitely understand the problem. Which fluid we recommend depends on which transmission we have.

However, maybe there are only 3 "major" types of E39 transmissions? Am I correct that there are only three major types of transmissions in the E39 with respect to fluid needs (i.e., yellow sticker, green sticker, and black sticker)?

I realize out of these THREE E39 transmission sticker types there are zillions of transmission models within those three types - but I'm hoping it's as simple as choosing the fluid for a particular transmission based on the color of the sticker on the bottom of the transmission itself (mine is green, for example, so I'd use the fluids specified for a green-stickered transmission).

To make matters worse, people specify a fluid by brand but not by model, so, for example, MTL could be Redline MTL or Maxima MTL; so I'm trying to write the recommendations specifically, including all the relevant information.

BTW, I think I understand the transmission data well enough to fill in what folks left out.
Are these assumptions correct below?
- yadayadayada has a 6-speed manual & uses Royal Purple Synchromax synthetic MTF (so he has a yellow-sticker transmission)
- chiefwej also has the 6-speed manual & uses Royal Purple Synchromax synthetic MTF (he also has a yellow-sticker transmission)
- edjack uses "MTL" which is probably Redline MTL (but it could be Maxima MTL) so he must have a manual transmission also (yellow sticker)
- Graham uses Mobil1 in his "slushbox", so he has an automatic transmision (green or black sticker); yet Mobil1 Synthetic ATF is certified Esso LT 71141 so Graham probably has the black-sticker transmission which expects Exxon LT 71141 certification

These are assumptions, but I'll bet I'm right (tell me if I'm not).

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