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Originally Posted by Variocam View Post
What a great thread! Thanks to all who have contributed. I agree with Starless's reasoning as to why he used the original type ATF. However, since you can't get anywhere near all the ATF out with a single drain, wouldn't a reasonable, cost-effective yet safe alternative be to drain the original fluid, fill with Dexron VI, drive it for a short time (maybe a week or two), then repeat the process once or twice? This way, you'd replace most of the original fluid with the Dexron VI, which is probably better ATF, and minimize the compatibility concerns by doing the multiple flushes (which you'd probably want to do even if you're using the original type fluid to thoroughly replace the old with the new). The only thing I'm not sure of is whether to replace the filter during the first flush, or the last.
From what I gather, the filters aren't very efficient. I'd say change it the first time and put a drain plug in your pan for subsequent draining.
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