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Dont pay the $76k MSRP then... take it down a notch.
Also, you bought a Lexus after owning a few BMWs, and it seems you liked the Lexus a lot...
Lexus and BMW are VERY different cars and if you liked Lexus after coming from BMW, then maybe you should stick with Lexus.

I know this one guy who owned Lexus all his life and then bought a E60 because he wanted to be like me (he was jealous of my old E46 and wanted to make me jealous of him.. nver will happen lol... even if he gets a Ferrari. I just dont care about those things.. anyway back to the point). Few months later, he tells me how much BMW sucks because of how "rough" it is... he's telling me that Lexus is way better than BMW because its so much smoother, etc etc. He went on and on and on... I didnt care at first, but then I got annoyed because he kept saying how much BMW sucks because of the way it feels. I told him that its SUPPOSED to be like that, and that he should go back to Lexus. Then he told me that he'd rather drive a Corolla than a BMW...
I'm just trying to say that BMW is not for everyone and if you are happy with Lexus and their prices then stick with it.
If you truly want another BMW because you realized that Lexus is not for you, then you should try and talk the price down... never pay MSRP.
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