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Originally Posted by X3-terrestrial View Post
There have been some complains during the last 2 years or so, but nothing really indicates that this could be a chronic problem. And some of the reported ones, turned to be front bearings.80k miles (128,000 kms) here and no problems...
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Agree its not chronic as such however searching the web it would appear there have been a number fail, mainly on the earlier 04 and 05 cars. The causes are generally being put down to lubrication issues. There were also a few photos showing the internals of the transfer case. The needle roller cage bearing and thrust plate were all pitted and had lost the case hardening.

I also found a thread here on Bimmerfest tittled: Transfer case Fluid SIB dated 12-14-2009 12.23pm relating to a BMW service bullitin which was released 04/07 advising dealers to change the transfer case oil on vehicles prior too. The oil has since been upgraded to a much superior quality longer life oil. I imagine this service bullitin was produced to stave off further problems associated to this earlier type oil causing premature failures.

What is odd with my vehicle is that it has seen only very light work and has always been dealer serviced. So for the transfer case to develop a bearing/gear type whine at such low mileage would indicate that the oil has likely had a hand in causing whatever has gone wrong internally.

My service records also do not show this oil as ever being changed at any stage. So my thoughts is the failure should be their responsibility.
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