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Originally Posted by golforcars325i View Post
Checked and yes, they are listed, even though they don't show in the detail.

And it just so happens that my car is an 02/2001, the last mo/yr listed for them. I'm not sure what they mean by 'version A' and 'condition B' though.

From -

66mm vs 60mm Bushing Diameter:

•Most E46 3 Series cars have 66mm bushing housings. Cars produced before 2/01 had 60mm bushings initially, but were recalled in exchange for 66mm housings, bushings and upgraded control arms. If you currently have 60mm housings we offer the bushings in the 60mm diameter, but we suggest upgrading to our 66mm bushing and housing kit... (If you have a E46 produced before 2/01 and do not want the 66mm bushings pre-pressed into new housings, we suggest measuring your existing housings before ordering to confirm diameter.)

•Meyle HD Bushing Set - This set is solid rubber to increase longevity compared to the stock, fluid filled bushing. These do not increase performance or steering feedback but do have an expected service life of twice the stock bushing. NVH is not increased over the factory bushing. The Meyle HD bushings are 66mm in diameter and only fit the 2001+ model year alloy housings. If you have a pre-2001 E46 3 Series please measure your housing diameter before ordering since your car could still have the older 60mm bushings. If so, we suggest upgrading to the 66mm bushing housing kit** as they are a direct fit. Bushings come with new hardware.

Applications include:

•All E46 3 Series cars (including ZHP models) produced from 1999 to 2006 excluding the M3. Xi (all wheel drive models) have separate selection available in drop down box. E46 3 Series cars before 2001 model year will need to measure the outside diameter of their current front control arm bushings before ordering the Meyle HD bushings without brackets. If you are ordering bushings with brackets you will not have to measure your current bracket size as noted above.
You should likely do some research under your car before you replace the cabs. Early 325's had smaller CABs which were later replaced with the larger units. Get under and measure how large the CABs on your car are. If you are replacing just the bushings, you want to get bushings that fit the housings that are on your car, though I would STRONGLY recommend you buy entirely new units pre-mounted in the housings anyhow - the extra money is well worth it in terms of ease-of-installation. And then you don't need to measure!

The circlips may be related to the use of the triangular front brace on the early cars. If you've got the big aluminum plate, then you may not have any washers/circlips anyhow. I found this - - there may be more and better information out there. Dig, execute, and then incorporate the information you find into the Wiki!

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