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BMW's M3 Claims Yet ANOTHER Victory Against Audi's Latest RS5
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posted by tim330i

Things are not looking so hot for Audi's new RS car, the RS5.

It seems that every review -- that we have seen -- has put the M3, armed with its Competition Package, against the RS5 and it seems that the M3 has downed it everytime.

Has Audi "jumped the shark" on this one OR is it not exactly a good comparison against the M3 and it is more of a GT car?

Some here might have guessed that already, the M3 won that comparison. Sport Auto's verdict pretty much summed up that the M3 and the RS5 are built for different people. It's not so much a surprise that the M3 beat the RS5 in virtually all performance categories, surprising though is that Sport Auto even liked the ride in the M3 (EDC) more than Audi's adaptive suspension. On top, the M3 testcar was roughly 10k cheaper.

Source - BMW's M3 Claims Yet ANOTHER Victory Against Audi's Latest RS5 - AutoSpies Auto News

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