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Originally Posted by Ben's 545i View Post
Problem und Mebnahmenmanagement Aftersales - Basically it's the highest level of tech support within BMW. The local dealership tech hooks the car up to diagnostic computer and an engineer (probably in Germany) access the car and tries to diagnose the issue. I think a lot of dealers wait until they are sure they have eliminated all possibilities before opening a PUMA case. But, I think once it's opened it gets logged into a database. So, BMW must be seeing an increase in this particular complaint.

Sirloins it sounds like you are making headway in your progress. Opening the PUMA is huge and now it's at the highest level of technical service you can go to. The engineer that is working the PUMA I think has the ability to make a judgement on goodwill warranty if you are outside of warranty period. They are sending you through the same thing I had to go through and ended up with new mechatronics.

Received a call, the 2-1 didn't solve the problem so they switched out the mechtronics! Ben, has you car worked well since they switched yours? Did they update the software also?

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