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Originally Posted by phnman View Post
Q: But what is that welded-on nut for in the BMW special purpose tool?"
A: Isn't that what receives your 3/8" drive torque wrench?
Hmmmm.... oh .... ok. ummmmm... I guess.

I've always used my 3/8" drive torque wrench on sockets!

The socket is in the same line as the 3/8ths inch square on the torque wrench which is inline with the center of the nut or bolt to be removed.

This "hole" is neither a socket nor inline with the bolt to be removed.
So, it never occurred to me that that hole was for the torque wrench.

I guess that's why they have the multiplication force stamped on the handle ... because the lever action (I'm guessing) is additive to the torque wrench.

Is that what is happening?

I learn something new everyday from you guys!
(I'm curious ... based on the decidedly not curious comments from the football guy...)
Did everyone here already know those two things about that wrench?
a) What the hole was for
b) What the multiplication factor was all about
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