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Originally Posted by UncleJ View Post
How can you tell the difference without a close inspection. To me, unless they have a paper dealer's plate, they all look the same at a casual glance. I saw an X5M (I know only because it was parked next to me and I looked at it carefully) that looked no different than a plain jane 3.0 at a glance. The 4 pipes on the rear end of course set it somewhat apart. I guess I am just not attuned to the minutia of the subtle changes in X5 design. At a stop light yesterday there were 4 X5's stopped together. It looked like a photo from a car magazine. They are all over the place around here, almost as many as RX's.
I can tell the difference without even trying.
The bumpers and rear lights make a big difference in my eyes.

Then again I can even tell the difference between car models at night just by the front and tail lights.

Some people are more in tune with cars than others. Some people can't tell the difference between a silver BMW and a silver Lexus, unless they look at the badge.
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