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E92 M3 vs 335i in the Wind Tunnel - Impressive results for the M3
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posted by tim330i

The German magazine Sport Auto seems to have plenty of euros and decided to blow that money putting an E92 335i and E92 M3 (along with other performance and super cars) in the wind tunnel.

The results are impressive and clearly show that the E92 M3 makes more down force than the 335i. So everyone who says the M3 bodywork is just for looks owes the aerodynamics guys at ///M division an apology!

BMW E92 335i Wind Tunnel Results
Front lift - 92.5 lbs
Rear lift - 61.7 lbs

BMW E92 M3 Wind Tunnel Results
Front lift - 22 lbs
Rear lift - 50.7 lbs

Difference between the 335i and M3
Front - 70.5 lbs more lift in the 335i than the M3
Rear - 11 lbs more lift in the 335i than the M3

I wish they had put the M3 GTS in the wind tunnel, imagine the down force from that rear wing.

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