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Originally Posted by epinaustin View Post
The service advisor said the pump from the large reservoir to the smaller reservoir wasn't working. He said there is a recall and it is fairly new so that would explain why I hadn't received a recall notice.
Originally Posted by Funf Dreisig View Post
There were two 'recalls' fixed: the well know Turbo-charger Air Temp Sensor and Reprogramming.
Generally there are three 'notices' that are often confused:

SIB or Service bulletins - these are BMW notes to the dealers about how to fix or diagnose certain common faults or issues. Generally these are of the "if the car does this, check that" and "if you see this, do that" variety...

Campaigns - A recall of sorts, but generally they are only done "at next service". You will NOT receive a notice since it is not mandatory, and does not affect vehicle safety or emissions.

Recall - A notice to consumers that there is a defect that impacts safety or emissions. You will be told to bring it in.

Many dealers just lump this all into one category when speaking to victims, er, I mean their clients..... the two recalls noted by Funf are in the 'Campaign' category.

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