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Since moving to Tucson a month ago I've had the same situation three times. Had it towed to the dealer because the car wold not drive more than .5 miles without dying. The scan revealed a misfire on cylinders 1-4. The service rep answer was bad gas. I don't see how can bad gas would make half of the cylinders misfire. The tank was half way so this morning I top it off with 91 Chevron but it happened again this afternoon. The dealers answer is to put more fuel and change the filter.

These are the conditions every time it has happened:

- around 110 degrees
- at idle at a stop light or parking lot.
- if I let it sit for a while it will run for a few minutes and then stall again.

I don't understand how a clogged fuel fliter would cause a misfire only on cylinders 1-4 unless it has two filters

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