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BMW Top Consumer Reports 2010 Best Cars for Teens List
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This is actually the second report on the topic from Consumer Reports. In the first report all the choices were $10,000 plus with many cars hovering around 15 grand. That seems like a lot of money in a car that going to suffer at the hands of a noobie teen driver. Consumer Reports went back to the drawing board to come up with a set of more affordable teen cars for 2010 and BMWs are topping the charts with the 2000-2003 323i/325i and the 2000-2003 528i/525i!

2010 Best cars for teen drivers: More affordable alternatives

Response to our recent post suggesting best cars for teens has been tremendous, and not all responses have been positive.

Trying to pick the best car for our kids while balancing the budget may be one of the toughest decisions parents ever have to make. For starters, we'd insist that the car have electronic stability control--even though this important safety feature hasn't been around that long, limiting its availability on older vehicles. Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) show that ESC could well be the most important safety feature since the safety belt, and it could save as many as 10,000 lives per year if all vehicles were so equipped. NHTSA says ESC could also prevent more than 230,000 injuries annually.

Of course, not every family can afford to put a new driver behind the wheel of a car with the latest safety features. That said, it's important to come as close as you can. Car crashes remain the number one killer of young people, and the younger the driver, the worse the fatality rate.

So our advice remains: Buy your teen driver the safest, most reliable, and newest vehicle you can.

Unfortunately, some of the best vehicle choices will be out of reach for many of us. But it doesn't change the facts. As one commenter to our last blog pointed out, the $10,000 or so necessary to get a good used vehicle with ESC, curtain air bags, and other safety gear that might save your kid's life isn't cheap. But it's cheaper than even one day in a hospital.

After considering myriad factors, our engineers have identified more candidates for your teen's first ride. Some are luxury models, because those are usually the first to get the latest safety equipment. The downside to buying an older luxury model is that repairs, when they're needed, are apt to be costly.

The cars listed below take some more careful shopping, as ESC was optional. In the case of the Camry and Optima, it often required a higher trim level. Curtain air bags were also optional in the Camry in some years.

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