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OK so on the way out of town, the car hid a minor snag. Driving down I-85 S and all of a sudden Dynamic Drive malfunction, mind you I am doing 70+MPH. Then no more than 1 second later Active Steering Failure, ABS Failure, CBC Failure (Sealt Belt System), Electrical Malfunction. Still shocked by what is being displayed, nothing says stop driving or pull over. Then I look back at the instrument cluster and the tachometer is showing RPM's but the speedometer shows nothing. 0 MPH yet still doing I would guess 70 MPH or so, could not tell since there was no speed. Then another 30 seconds passed and everything electrical stops working and the car starts loosing power, iDrive is blank, instrument cluster is all off. Nothing!!! Then out of nowhere power is restored all systems back up still with all the same errors except I had a new one now, "Transmission Failure" Woohooo!!! Not what I needed to say while heading out on a long vacation.

So I managed to pull over and turn the car off to see if a system reboot will help. It kind of did. Only half the errors were gone, but Dynamic Drive, Steering, and ABS were all still there and maybe some others but did not pay attention. We looked up in the BMW book for the closest dealership and fond one in Columbus GA only 30 miles. We made it there and had to have them give us a loaner while and leave the problem child with them.

I will say that when we stopped and went inside the key reader did say that there was a Dynamic Drive malfunction but nothing else, and when the SA went outside to start the car up there were no faults showing. Go figure! At this point if they cannot find anything with the car thenit is out of here. This is finally the last straw.
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