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CDs + iTunes + USB drive + 750 hard drive

Lots of ways u can move music to the 750 WITH titles. Easiest for me

1) RIP your CDs into iTunes on your PC or Mac. iTunes looks up the tracks on the Gracenote database on the web and ADDS the right names (its cool).
2) Drag and drop all the iTunes music folders to a USB drive
3) Stick the USB drive into the USB port inside the 750 glove box
4) Copy it all to your 750 hard disk using the menus of the iDrive. U will find all the songs in "Music Collection"

NOTE, that if u have songs in your iTunes folders that r copy protected by Apple (ones u bot from iTunes) they WON'T play on your car. But the songs u RIP will play.

U can tell by looking at the file extension - .m4a means they will play, .m4p means they r "protected" and won't play.

Probably there is some way to "jail break" the m4p tracks but i haven't bothered yet.
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