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Useful links for your BMW.

Section I,
(Or the stuff that you need to know)

Manuals (Found and shared by BBoyvek, whored out by df).
BMW Manuals

This one went missing...

Owners manual download at the bottom of this first posting

That which is interchangable, and that which isn't.

Common Issues aka "Things your car will experience"

Finding a part:
Real OEM
BMW Fans (My favourite)

OBC Tricks

Fault Codes
Compiled here
Colour List for All BMW's:
Franklyns' List

Tech Data, M3

Engine Specs/Chassis Info: -Found by Franklyn, though I doubt he remembers that long ago...

================================================== ========
Section II
(Things to do)

Project Sites
Ron Stygar's Unofficial BMWBoredom DIY's

Leather Repair
Leatherique Canada A good DIY on repairing leather

(Home Depot Lip Mod)
This is the stuff Sama talks about.
I can't find Sama's, but here's Franks write-up

Courtesy of Tom a Front bumper visual mod:

Low Beam Failure:
I found this randomly

Debaffle Airbox
Brazeau Racing - Air box

================================================== ========
Section III

(For the non-lazy bastard buried inside each of you)

DIY Sites
Bimmer DIYPelican Parts

Specific DIY's
Door Brake (Dude named jarozila)

Your Steering Wheel Squeaks; (either fix the damn thing or accept your life) (by acoustic)
Spray here

Coilover install/adjustments (Nemeces)

HVAC Blower motor

ASC Delete, (Mainly for track cars, not safe for a DD - if I'm giving this a disclaimer...)
From the lair of the enemy

Courtesy of Randy; The Rear Shock Mount DIY
Well done

...And the infamous Black roof on AW Vinyl:
Not so much

Fix Loose Door Panels
Us and Them

Headliner Glue (Amber and Stephen wax philosophical).
This helped me tons in deciding on what adhesive to use.

A/C Fixes (Words of wisdom by drivinfaster).
Someone might mistakenly call this wisdom anyways.

Brake Light Circuit

Fuel Pump (Jim Spence doing what Jim Spence does. Helps us out).
Go Jim, go Jim...

Head Gasket Replacement
8 out of 10 Good luck for those who attempt this. Can you will me your car?

Cleaning the ICV

Removing the ICV & CCV (Crankcase Valve) 6 cyl:
(For cleaning, use the 318 writeup)

Door won't latch?
This is a good writeup, as posted by BMX325i in Amber's assistance

Repairing door handle

================================================== =======
Section IV
Electrical work (When you screw this up, it tends to hurt)

Angel Eyes
Chad's Angel Eyes DIY

Alarm Install
Hmm... Clark should have done one of these
Dead Pixels

Created by Clark; The Official Lighting Thread.
Well written.

Originally Posted by advertisehere View Post
here are some climate control computer tests
Fan controller broken on later cars:
most people do this:
But should try this first:

and section IV dead pixels is actually the climate control computer fix
Thanks Terry

Section V
Detailing: Making pretty out of what you have

Andy's Detailing Guide (Nothing derogatory to say here, he do good)
Andy's Guide

Curb rash:
Shh... this is from an Audi

Section VI
Simply interesting Articles: (It's not all smart, but it's fun to read)

Yearly changes

Section VII
Suspension (Making your car go up/down no more than it is supposed to)

To think about***********:

Definitive guide:

Section VIII
Everything Wheels: (Something something something goes round and round, round and round, round and round)

Bolt pattern

Wheel Styles


Finding hard to find bolts etc:

Section IX
Tire sizes, (the other things that go 'round)

Courtesy of Ken
Offset and bolt help here

Tire size/speed changes here

E36 owners manual (right-click and "save-as")
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