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Originally Posted by Los View Post
There's no 'u' in favorite.
O Rly?

Originally Posted by E36_Hater433 View Post
aamazing thread
Originally Posted by Los View Post
But seriously though...probably one of the most epic threads on the 'Fest. Vote for sticky!
Ed for President!..errr uhh Prime Minister? or whatever you guys have...
Originally Posted by E36_Hater433 View Post
Thanks guys, I've been working on it for a few days, had to stop for Canada Day though (Like Independence Day for you clowns, but better).

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good thread (Y)
just a headsup, the realoem alternative is actually (not - if there are still people out there that are unaware of a site full of such awesomeness.
Thanks for catching that, I'd typed 'bimmerfest' so many times that day it came naturally.
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Party at Ed's house!!!

I'll bring the strippers!!!!
When you get to Canada, just turn left at the light. (Ma neighbour gots the power). If you cross the train track, you turned right, not left.
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I grew up in a time when the internet was just a baby. Grammar back then versus now... holy cow. You could watch the degradation of society as the internet became more mature.
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