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I just bought my 2006 530D on Friday 2nd July 2010. I drove it around for 6 hours. Started and stopped it. Got in and out of the car. Even put deisel in it so i had to take the key out of the iginition to fill it. Its the plastic chunk type key instead of the normal/typical plastic and metal one if that makes any difference? When i got home that night, i went to put a CD into the front loader and tried to start the car and it won't start. There was no sign of the battery being low. I went through the Owner Manual till nearly 2am that morning until i fell asleep trying to see if i was doing something wrong? I left it over night and tried the following morning and it didn't start. I then called the Garage to see if i was doing something wrong but considering i have had 7 BMW's before this and mainly, 3 series manual and even ordered and bought a brand new Automatic 06, 3 series in 2006 with 20,000 of extra's, i thought i knew a thing or 2 about new and old Bimmers? BTW, if you die and go to heavan, BMW do the sound system there so you won't be disappointted, believe me :-). Symtoms so far. AA guy said the battery voltage was 0.2Volts lower then it should be but should still start. The lights still comes on in the dash and externally. The Battery light is not showing though? Handbrake and yellow engine block, I assume indicating that the engine is warming up the deisel jets? Brake paddle is not depressing at all? Car won't start as a result. Its just sitting there looking great and won't start. I'm nearly close to tears :-( Anybody got any similar stories or helpig hands to cure my problem? Since the car has died, or won't start, its saying that the reversing light is broekn which it was and since been replaced but still says it is and also that the side window is open, which it isn't which indicates to me that the Main CPU maybe faulty? It drove like a dream before this and now, Nothing????? I've lost the weekend but obviously want to get back on the road in this brilliant car ASAP. Any suggestions?

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