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BEWARE OF ICS Performance over 3k for a aa kit install

I brought my car in to ICS to have my New STG AA KIT 2 with meth injection. It took ICS about 3 weeks to install the kit i paid $2400 i had to get a replacement bov valve because ICS did not know how to fit the bov my kit came with, i drove the car home The EML light was on, i was running super rich so bad i got sick and i smelled like gas for days. The check engine light was missing it did not light up after inspecting the cluster i found half of the screws missing.

AA said it was a boost Leak ICS said it was the tuning. I brought the car back a 2nd time it was a line that was supposed to be plugged i was charge $100, i hit the highway EML light on i call ICS they say is the tuning bring it back in a couple of weeks. I hit up the forums e46fanatics to get some support everyone is telling me that is a boost leak, while driving the car i stop for gas and i notice my engine oil is low i add oil and the engine is building up pressure i never had a problem like this before, i brought the car up ICS again 3rd time i show The owner George the problem along with a broken door handle cable that was broken at ICS

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George says oh you need a oil catch can HPF sells one for $500 i can custom build one for $350, at this point i just want my car back running good so i tell him go ahead 2 weeks later the car is ready. This time i came prepare with a scantool i ask if the EML light is on? he says "no but the coils are bad and so the car goes on limp mode" i'm thinking to myself so yeah the EML light is on i asked to see the dyno chart

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is at 240hp i tell him is suppose to be in the 300s he goes on his iphone does some calculations and says oh is putting out 290s, at this point i know the car is not ready so i call AA right then and there to try to get this issue resolve i get Carl on the phone George says oh the car has a problem i have to fix it, he starts working on the car he does a compression test and the compression is good he does a boost leak check with the smoke machine and the car starts smoking from everywhere
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