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Originally Posted by dwm View Post
Umm, 01 M roadster is pointing to the wrong part for the problem in the video. It's part #1. Part #8 shouldn't whistle with the top down.

The problem is that air gets between the glass and the front edge of part #1 and makes a sound like the childhood trick of blowing a wide blade of grass between your thumbs. It's a reed vibration type of noise. Carpet tape worked for me, but if you don't plan on replacing part #1 anytime soon (windshield is in good shape), I'd use Permatex 81158 (black) or 80050 (clear).
my bad. i should have been a tad more detailed. as i said, it was at the corner of the a-frame that i stuck my finger in the seal's hole and the whistling tone changed, indicating that there was air rushing through that area. however, this did not mean that the remedy would be applied at that area.

what i did to remedy the whistling was to take a long string about the thickness used in your mom's pot roast -- about 1/8 inch. you stick the string (starting at the bottom right (or left) and up and around to the other side) between the windshield and its seal. you can pry it open with your fingernails (i had at that time, about 1/8 inch long sturdy nails) and push the string along the inside of the seal as far as you can. you'll notice that you can see and feel the edge of the glass; and this is where the string should sit. for extra measure, i also placed another string on the outer side of the windshield seal where the seal meets the metal a-frame using the same technique.

after, i took the car out for a test and ran at different speeds -- 80mph - 120mph, and held it for 10-15 seconds at different speeds. the whistling is gone.

woot woot.

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