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Originally Posted by gwailoh View Post
For my education, what does the water pump bearing noise sound like when it's starting to fail? My 76k 01 M Coupe has no water leaks, fan wobble or cooling issue (and it's summer in Vegas), but every second or third time I start it it makes a repetetive chirping like a noisy fan belt. The noise eventually goes away once the engine warms a little. Anyone think this is impending water pump failure? Thanks in advance for your expertise and opinion.
The S54 water pump in the 2001 and 2002 M Roadsters and M Coupes is a different animal -- but it can also fail, but in different ways.

Mine started spraying a tiny amount of coolant onto the hood blanket and shields near the fan at about 40,000 miles or so. I replaced it, and the fix has been good for nearly another 35,000 miles now.

The S54 water pumps are specific to the M Roadster and M Coupe, and the US inventory is often quite low (like 1 or 2 in the US). So, if you see a problem developing, plan ahead or you may be spending a week waiting for a part.
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