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Thanks all for your comments and tips. I had multiple issues that, in the end, I decided to tackle all at once. CCV went after starting my car after getting gas - filled the service station with oily gas. Some guy said something like "oh o-that don't look good. Proly blew your engine.".

I drove the car about 1/2 mile back to my work and ended up renting a uHaul car carrier for $60 to get it 27 miles home. Some say it'd be ok to drive the car but honestly I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened due to my laziness, so I pulled it home with my Ford Expedition.

After pulling the error codes (7) and reading these forums, I narrowed my problem down to the CCV. Come to find out, the culprit was actually one of the hoses attached to the CCV that had blew a hole. It created quite an oily mess. (HINT - clean everything real good while you have things apart. Makes for easy diagnosis in the future). I came home from the dealer with about $200 in parts (new CCV, 5 hoses) to add to my already growing pile of parts that had accumulated on my bench (belts, oil filter gasket).

Took me probably 6 hours of slow methodical progress just to get the CCV done. It's a 4 wrench job and it's tight in there but doable by shade tree mechanics. I never took my intake manifold off and opted to work around/under it. HINT - label all the electrical connections as you are taking them off. Take the tags off when you're reconnecting. I used masking tape and a sharpie. As I began to put it all back together I decided now was the time to do the oil filter housing gasket and belts as well. So off with the power steering reservoir, alternator and other misc parts to get at the oil filter housing. HINT I used the sharpie again to write numbers on the head of each bolt and wrote the number on the housing next to the hole since there are 8 or 10 bolts. Now for the controversial item - After spending 3 evenings working on this, I decided I didn't want to do this job again on this car so I bought the high temp copper RTV (sensor safe) and laid a bead just outside of the gasket as shown in other posts. I was ok with a very VERY thin bead not touching the gasket as I'd like both to work without the other.

About 2 hours to put everything back together (intake hoses, air box, MAF, Oil Filter housing, Alternator, Fan and shroud), now I get to sit and wait. The RTV takes 24 hours before it's completely dry so tomorrow afternoon will be my test start. fingers crossed. It'll be nice not leaving little half dollar sized oil spots on the ground everywhere I go.

Thanks again to everyone for their comments. People like us wouldn't be able to do them without great forums like these.
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