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I finally and successfully did my intake system DIY last weekend! After a long stretch of anticipation & nervousness, I got my hands into it like there was no other way out. It was good to have back-up transportation and a parts store nearby. I finished my work at midnight Sunday. I started the car this morning and it started on first try. The engine runs more smoothly, no more gas-smell at engine start-up, no more failed IAT sensor, gas mileage is to be seen. No more power steering leak. Here are a few things I did or observed or tried:

- It's useful to have white marker for labeling matching connectors. You can do things in order up to the point that you need to move the spaghetti wires out of the way. When reassembling, keep the wires away from heat sources as much as possible.

- I used a cardboard to take notes and as a loose bolt holder (together with the related steps) (see my "signature" image). This turned out to be very useful (cardboards don't mind greasy hands). I took pics for back-up, but used cn90's guide's image numbers on my notes. I also have a Compac evo n610c laptop with wireless internet access in the working area to reference the DIY guide.

- I cleaned the ICV with throttle cleaning spray and Q-tips.

- I didn't want to start reassembling because I felt uncertain that I did everything correctly (leaving things un-assembled was incomplete, but not wrong ...)

- It's much easier to remove the engine air filter assembly (up to the DSC throttle) if you unmount the wall-mount plastic electrical device on top of the air filter fist, and disconnect the low beam headlight connector. And remove the air supply pipe at the DSC throttle side first. Installation is reversed.

- If you need to change the power steering (suction) hose, do the above step, then unmount the power steering reservoir (2 bolts), open it's cap and flip it to pour the fluid into an empty honey roasted peanut can . Remove the middle L-shape section of the alternator air pipe to gain access the bottom clamp of the power steering suction hose - No need to raise the car.

- Power steering (suction) hose loses it's elasticity so replacing the clamps alone will not stop its leak (may work in a very short time). This can be easily replaced with a $15 5/8" I.D. L-shape hose and new clamp(s) from your local parts store.

- No problem with intake manifold nut# 7 if you remove the left (driver side) cabin air pipe (forgot its name) connecting to firewall.

- Even after reading plenty of warnings about dropping the 11-mm nuts, I also dropped it while remounting the intake manifold. It's good to have a claw pick-up tool and small flashlight.

- This project has been very educational, you can access many things if you can get this far (starter, solenoid, heater hoses ...)

Thanks again to cn90 and others for your guides and comments.
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