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Thanks for the confirm, i figured it was more than a bulb else why would BMW mgmt not just give it to the early adopters. My frustration with BMW is that they charge for a premium product but then nickel and dime for other items. I really would prefer that they added a few dollars per car and just gave us a feature like LED Coronas when the car comes out instead of holding it off as a another mid year feature which they love to do. I will never buy an Acura (Honda in a tux) but i really respect the way they package their car options, its clear and concise. Its not a matter of technology or supply as they were doing it right from the start for the euro 2011 X5 and even for the early model 2011 3 Series, so it must come down to cost. I guess even though we all spend on average $60k for our trucks its still not enough money for them to package it properly.

All i can say is if you have a car on order, cancel it and wait until Sept, unless of course there is a planned price increase to go with the new feature

Tell you what, when we picked up our X in June, we were quite surprised it was not LED as was the CA. My wife said, where are the LEDs? you have more on your 2008 535i than on this 2011 X5. I said sarcastically it will appear in the fall as a feature change jokingly...didn't know i would be correct

Sorry to appear as a ranter, I've been an BMW owner since forever and currently have 2 in the garage and tried to move away once and came back immediately after what i saw competitors considered a 'sports sedan'...i love BMWs, i don't like their mgmt so much
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