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the E65 rear trunk conundrum.

traffic was pretty awful today. so i looked around at cars while stuck in the parking lot called the masspike.

what struck me is how UNNOTICEABLE other trunk designs are, and yet they achieve the same stated purpose as the trunk on the E65. it was something about keeping the spaciousness of the trunk but "keeping in the design" of the car.

well, i'd say, the next time anyone else is stuck in traffic, have a good looksee at how other auto designers have integrated an increased height trunk deck into their cars. the ford taurus. the toyota avalon. the toyota camry. the Jetta III. the dodge stratus. the old and new E class cars. the new maxima. the list goes on and on. all of these cars also have a design where the line of the car swoops upward toward the rear and there is a clear need to increase trunk space, but you NEVER notice any oddity about these designs.

i mean, even compare the e30 trunk to the e36 trunk. the e36 trunklid is chunky, but it integrates well with the car.

why this is unable to be done with the new designs sure is odd.
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