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The E46 does have a big butt! But I also think it integrates realtive well with the rest of the body. But I gotta agree that the E36's butt was much better integrated! Lower, flatter, and the way the tail lights flow from fender to trunk lid on the E36 was better than the E46's taller, rounder deck and the big light on fender little light on trunk lid.

But I still think that the bigger discontinuities found on the butt of the E65 (and the other designs, though not as much on the Z4) are much worse!

But, one thing is true, and this might be part of what Bangle wants, is that you do notice the butts! As you say, all the others seem to disappear in to the sea of similar designs while the Bangle Butt stands out and draws your attention to it and the rest of the car. Isn't that what all designers of any structure want... to get you looking. The fact that you then either hate it or love it is relatively immaterial, as they already got you thinking.
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