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Originally Posted by operknockity
But that is a marketting problem, not a design problem. If the designers go so overboard that the the marketters can not move them, then they'll either get a new designer or come up with a newer wackier marketting compaign.
Art for art's sake doesn't work very well in the car business. Fortunately for BMW, the 7 is a low volume car. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the 5.

A little adventure in styling for a low volume car like the 7 can be good--it gets people talking, and any publicity is good publicity. I don't think it has hurt sales too much. If they had continued with, to put it politely, an "elegant" (read "plain, boring") style, there wouldn't be much to talk about when compare it to an S500. Except for I-drive, which would really be bad news.

Compare the 7 series situation to the Asstek, I mean Aztek. Now *that* is both a marketing and design problem.

EDIT: oops, I guess I said what rdstrgal said.

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