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Recommended parts kits for overhauling cooling, drive belts, CCV/ICV, VANOS, OFH, PSP

This is not asking for a DIY ... it's asking for a recommended parts list for the following 7 systems (interrelated as to the PIA parts that need to be removed).
- Drive belt system recommended parts list kit
- Cooling system recommended parts list kit
- Crankcase ventilation valve (CCV) recommended parts list kit
- Idle control valve (ICV) recommended parts list kit
- Oil filter housing (OFH) leak recommended parts list kit
- Power steering pump (PSP) fluid reservoir recommended parts list kit
- Variable valve timing (VANOS) recommended parts list kit

Rationale: This week, I needed a tow and had to buy parts in a hurry and rip an alternator out in a frenzied rush ... so I already lost my opportunity to get the right parts for a decent overhaul of easy to get to stuff once the alternator, fan, fan, tensioners, pulleys, airbox, etc. were already removed. If I had this list of related parts, I wouldn't have to do the PIA removal twice.

I realize each DIY has a slightly different recommended tools and parts list ... and I realize some "mod" the car (i.e., aluminum radiators, special coolants, special thermostats, aluminum thermostat housings, etc.) but if we keep THIS LIST to just the recommended 1:1 replacement, I feel it will be very helpful to many (including me) in the future.

In fact, if I had that earlier this week, I would have already ordered all my cooling system components, for example, instead of being scared by indecision of not knowing WHAT to get and what brand, and ending up with nothing to show for all that indecision.

EDIT: This is the general recommendation on MIXING jobs:
1. Do a complete cooling system overhaul at ~75K miles
2. Do a complete VANOS seals overhaul at ~75K miles (for the I6)
3. Do a complete belt-drive system overhaul at ~75K miles
4. Do a CCV replacement at ~100K miles

A. It's common to mix the cooling system & belt drive overhauls as the same parts are removed
B. It's common to add power steering hose check/fix & oil filter housing gasket check/fix to the belt-drive overhaul
C. It's common to add a spark-plug replacement with the VANOS seals as the same parts are removed
D. It's common to do the CCV all by itself as it is the more difficult of the three jobs
E. Plan ahead by stocking alternator rebuild parts; but if your alternator unexpectedly goes south, do the entire belt drive system at the same time as the alternator.

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