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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
appreciate you collecting all this info. It saves me a LOT of research time!
I don't consider this list anywhere near correct yet. We still need help from everyone to flesh out the questions.

Because the list is still so bad, I couldn't order the right parts when I ordered the alternator parts earlier this week. Now, because of the lack of a good list (and me being scared of being stuck without the right part), I have to rip apart my engine TWICE.

All because we still don't (yet) have the "correct" list of 1:1 replacement recommendations. But we will ... if we work together on it.

Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
a metal impeller is recommended for the water pump replacement.
I'm trying to list the most recommended replacement part. That's why I listed the Hepu (composite impeller) that Cam is happy with; yet I also listed the Stewart (metal impeller) which is pricey but many also recommend it (with the OEM GMB in the middle).

For the purpose of this thread, three ranges should suffice as it's supposed to be the most common recommended replacement part and brand.

Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
I use a standard 32mm wrench from HF. The full set costs ~$20 on sale and has many large sizes my Craftsman set was missing.
I had to search to figure out what "HF" was (so I added "HF" to the BMW glossary so others would have it handy). I got my 32mm wrench and 45mm hole-spacing counterhold tool from EBAY, so, I'll list the top three as HF, EBAY, and Northern Tools (with a note with pointers for making your own).

How does that sound for a reasonable recommendation?

Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
That's pretty much the limit of my contribution
No no no. You're not off the hook that easily.

You wrote the book on the CCV. I'm thoroughly confused about my CCV, whether I can tackle it with the hoses all attached but everything else out, and if I need to buy any parts or if we can just clean it.

May I ask you to either respond to the query about the CCV here ... or just post below what parts or tools one needs to do the right thing for their CCV while they are working on the cooling system and/or belt-drive system.
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