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Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
See above in RED.
Thanks Jasaon. These questions may be many, but, it's worth helping me because I summarize, photograph, detail, analyze, annotate, cross reference, etc. for all of us in return.

I knew about the Fudman CCV (wrong engine) and the cn90 massive ICV/VANOS/OIL/ALTERNATOR DIY (wrong year and engine); but I was unaware of your Bimmerforums M54 CCV replacement DIY. I'll check it out (presumably it covers also the ICV).

Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
If you plan on replacing all of the cooling parts, then use Cn90's write-up
Cam's detailed cooling-system-overhaul is for 1997-1998; airos' less detailed single post is for the right year (1999-2003). Pelican's decent writeup is for the 3-series; and the Beisan writeup is the closest but only covers the fan shroud and fan removal. AFAIK, there is no detailed step-by-step (which is what I need) for the 2002 525i cooling system overhaul.

Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
Don't complicate things ... drink a beer

Actually, when I was frustrated with the fan clutch nut and tensioners, I watered my plants. This morning, I stood forlorn, staring at my wounded disabled engine silently sipping a fragrant Pinot Noir as I soulfully waited for salvation parts to arrive by truck.

Meanwhile, I'm doing research on the OFH leak, the CCV cleaning, the ICV cleaning, and the detailed parts list for the following:
- cooling system overhaul recommend tools & parts list
- drive belt system overhaul recommended tools & parts list
- VANOS overhaul recommended parts list
- CCV overhaul parts list
- ICV overhaul parts list
- PSP overhaul parts list
- OFH overhaul parts list

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