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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
That is the WHOLE POINT of making this list.

I had to remove the alternator due to an emergency. I had to order parts w/o having the time to do detailed research. Because of that constraint, I could not (successfully anyway) order the right set of cooling system, VANOS, CCV/ICV and OFH parts. But had I this thread with all the recommended parts already debated and decided upon (including the brand when applicable), then I would have ordered it all in one fell swoop.

So, I missed my opportunity ... but this thread is for others (and for me in the future) ... so THEY (and I) don't miss the parts-ordering opportunity again!

NOTE: I would think the Bimmerfest sponsors would be all over this as they could sell a "kit" for each of the four major related overhauls (cooling, drive system, ccv/icv, and vanos).

Good to know. So a new $80 CCV seems like a recommended part on the CCV/ICV overhaul parts list and all the hoses and an O-ring for the oil dipstick tube.

IMHO, RealOEM almost never works when you need to know the RECOMMENDED replacement parts & recommended brand. RealOEM works fine if you already know the part you want to replace.

I'm sooo confused about WHERE it is ... I'll go look now with your V8 CCV thread and Jason's I6 CCV thread visible and report back later (probably to the alternator thread).

And now we get to the meat of the CCV/ICV parts list!

T-40, T-27 & T-25 Torx
6mm, 10mm, & 13mm sockets
Ratchet -1/4" & 3/8"
Extension bars, various lengths - 1/4" & 3/8"
" drive handle
Small mirror (absolutely necessary!)
Assorted flat blade screw drivers in different lengths
Magnetic pick up tool (optional)
Small blade knife or cutter (for old hoses)

11 61 7 533 400 Pressure Regulating Valve - CCV (insulated)
11 61 1 533 398 Vent Pipe (insulated)
11 61 7 533 399 Connecting line (insulated)
11 61 7 532 629 Vent hose (insulated)
11 61 7 504 536 Return Pipe (insulated)
11 43 1 740 045 O-Ring, Oil Dip Stick Tube to Oil Pan

In response to this complete list of parts from Mark at EACTuning for the M54 engine CCV repair: it seems Jason5Driver suggests only:
- CCV cold weather kit
- 2 additional hoses (one is the vent hose but I'm not sure the other hose?)
- dip-stick O-ring
- air distribution piece (is this the same as the return pipe?)

Can somebody reconcile Fudmans & Mark's complete CCV list with Jason's quickly written but DIFFERENT (shorter) recommended list so we can come to an agreement on the list of CCV parts & tools?
The parts are the same. Some "cold weather kits" come packaged with some of the hoses/pipes. Others sell them separately from the CCV. Just make sure you get all the parts listed above. The CCV, hoses and pipes all come in regular (uninsulated) or cold weather (insulated) versions. The return pipe is always insulated.

The air distribution piece is separate from the CCV job. This is found in RealOEM section 11 40, Engine, Intake Manifold. Replacement of this part is not required as part of the CCV job.

Real OEM is fine for the CCV parts because there is no aftermarket alternative, to the best of my knowledge. I bought mine from a dealer. Some aftermarket vendors carry them but I believe they are all one and the same. So the BMW part numbers always apply.
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