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Specific question: How to get the viscous fan clutch nut on straight (it's crooked)

Specific question: How to get the viscous fan clutch nut on straight?

I asked in the alternator thread 12 hours ago but nobody responded, probably because it's buried in the details ... but I'm stymied at the moment.

Q1: Is there a nut I can buy that has the same threads so I can "clean up" the stripped thread at the very end of the fan hub (presumably on the waterpump)?

Q2: How can I get the fan clutch nut to spin with the fan temporarily so that I can get the fan clutch nut on "by hand".

The problem is that the fan clutch nut doesn't spin with the fan and you can't get your fingers on the clutch nut to spin it on the water pump by hand. So you have to spin it on with the 32mm thin wrench.

But, it's heavy, you're holding it from the top, the shroud is in the way, and it invariably goes on crooked!

What the trick?

How can I lock the fan to the fan clutch nut temporarily so I can spin it on straight by hand before using the 32mm wrench?

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