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Originally Posted by chiefwej View Post
There was a recent tread on replacing that piece. It only cost a couple bucks from the dealer and is easily replaced.
Hi Chief,
It's almost 1:30 am (and too dark to break more things in my E39); so I've been searching and reading up on this nipple.
- 5-series DIY radiator nipple
- Can the nipple be replaced separately?
- Can my nipple be fixed
- Snapped off the radiator nipple
- Belt replacement mishap (snapped the nipple off)
- Fixing idler pulley - broke the nipple from the overflow tube to the radiator
- Belts, thermostat, & waterpump DIY (what if you break the nipple)
- etc.

What I find is it often breaks in the Behr OEM radiator, specifically at exactly where mine broke (a weak point in the Behr OEM design). It can be replaced in the Behr OEM radiator (which I have) but it's generally recommended to replace the whole radiator with a Nissens (which I'm likely to do) ... and the Nissens reputedly has a stronger nipple (need confirmation of that though).

Nonetheless, whether or not I replace my radiator ... it's STILL IMPORTANT for us to have a safe removal procedure for this factory nipple. Why? Because the Beisan fan shroud DIY says to destroy the factory clamp; but in that process, once can easily destroy the nipple. It may very well be better for us to modify the Beisan DIY steps to safely remove the nipple instead of destroying the factory clamp. This has the added benefit of not needing a new clamp (which might leak) when you're done. So it's important if we can come up with a good DIY for removing the nipple. Note, the "DIYs" in the above references are a start, but, in a word, they stink (although there is some weird discussion of using a 10mm nut on a string which I didn't quite get).

Does anyone have a better DIY for safe removal of this nipple?

When people are following the Beisan DIY to just remove the fan shroud, they are told to destroy the factory clamp; which, likely as not, will actually destroy the nipple. It may very well be that it's SAFER to try to remove the nipple than it is to destroy the factory clamp. But we need safe nipple removal procedures before we can modify the shroud-removal DIYs.

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