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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
If you're replacing a Behr with a Nissens, do you need to also order the problematic nipple?

I found the answer by cn90 here:
"RE: Nipple PN 17-11-0-419-132. When you buy a new radiator (Behr or Nissens), the nipple is included with it.This is why it is not found in"

BTW, I read all of the following before I found out that answer from cn90!
- 5-series DIY radiator nipple
- Can the nipple be replaced separately?
- Can my nipple be fixed
- Snapped off the radiator nipple
- Belt replacement mishap (snapped the nipple off)
- Fixing idler pulley - broke the nipple from the overflow tube to the radiator
- Belts, thermostat, & waterpump DIY (what if you break the nipple)
- etc.
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