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Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
However, if your radiator is original, I would replace it.
I'm going to replace the radiator. And, as most would, I'll do an overhaul at the same time (even though I started just replacing the alternator).

Given that I know NOTHING about cooling systems ...

Last night, until the wee hours of the morning, I read scores of articles on the cooling system overhauls (and made dozens of edits to the parts list above) There is a confusing bevy of conflicting information, and not all of which I remember.

For example, I know now I'm not going to go 'mod' with Evans NPG+ or with Zionsville; and for the hoses, I've seen recommendations for Elaplast or CRP-Contitech but not Uro; and to try to find Goetze for the thermostat gasket. I'm with cn90 in that Hepu is pretty good for the waterpump itself; for the fan clutch, I read to aim for Behr (OEM) or Fichtel-Sachs but not MFC; and for the fan blades, to try OEM, Febi-Bilstein or Meyle.

Unlike many of you guys, I don't have a ready supply of various sizes Hose clamps and all I've read so far says I need a 5/16ths, but I'm not sure where a good listing of the number and sizes of the hose clamps is.

Since I don't know WHICH hose clamps get destroyed and which can be re-used (or which come with the new part) ...

Can you point me to a good listing of the number and sizes of hose clamps necessary for a cooling system overhaul?
(It will help others too as it will go in the parts list above).
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