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Originally Posted by gumbi4u View Post
Things get so much clearer and easier when BOTH hands are on the job and not one holding an SLR. Just saying.
I don't disagree with you ...

First off, I start clueless (so maybe it takes me ten times longer); and, as anyone who has documented a fix knows, it takes much longer to document the steps than to just do them (so that makes it fifteen times longer); plus, I take pretty good pics ... so maybe it's twenty times longer (what with all the angles, lighting changes, selection, cropping, annotation, posting, etc.). And I certainly try to respond, in detail, with pictures, to every single relevant query (so maybe it's twenty five times longer). ... plus I freeze like a deer in the headlights when I have to make a decision without data ... (that's where you guys get me over the hurdles!).

But, keep in mind, not only am I helping myself by asking these questions, I'm also trying to help the clueless (of which I always start out as one).

When the clueless read the final DIY (which always seems to take ANOTHER ten times longer) ... THEY can follow in just a couple of hours. That's progress!

In fact, at this point, with just my "text" directions (I haven't posted the pictures yet), I "probably" could do an entire belt-drive system swap in just a few hours (assuming fewer mishaps because of the knowledge of the cn90 thread-nut trick, for example).

Of course, my "I'm being towed in 30 minutes" original post "grew" from a charging system question --> to an alternator R&R --> to a belt-drive system overhaul --> to a PSP leak fix --> to a stripped water pump shaft --> to a fan shroud removal --> to a broken nipple --> to an aneurysm in the lower radiator hose --> to a cooling system overhaul parts research (and some say, due to the gunk on the as-yet-unnamed part shown below) --> to a valve cover gasket replacement --> and from there to a VANOS seals (thank God I dodged the bullet on the ICV and CCV and OFH repairs).

At this point, my biggest problem is selecting the parts and suppliers at a good price for the cooling system overhaul (doing all the research necessary and posting results into this thread for myself & others).

It seems the most highly recommended suppliers (overall) are:
- eactuning, oembimmerparts, bmaparts, bavauto, autohauzaz, bmw-parts-direct, eeuroparts, bimmerspecialist, and trademotion ...

So, I'm in the cooling-system overhaul parts-research stage at the moment.

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