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Great writeup! Saved my butt!

What I found to be a neat trick is to pull out the fuel injector system. This is done by removing the bolts between the green dots on Figure 4b, removing the connector at the front, and removing the three plastic clips that hold the cables on top of the fuel injector system. After that you just wiggle the system up. You may need to apply some force because the jets are stuck in there pretty well. After that, you can feel under the back of the intake manifold for two clips that hold the two fuel lines. Once you have opened them, the hoses are no longer connected to the intake manifold, and you can move the fuel injector system out of the way far enough to fit a socket to the last nut at the back of the intake manifold. I have pretty big hands, but removing the fuel injector system left me with enough room to unscrew the nuts (green dots on Figure 4b) with my fingers after they have been loosened with a socket. This way you don't have to worry about dropping the nuts.

No need to disconnect fuel lines
Avoid dropping nuts
No need to do tricky things with a wrench to unscrew the last screw.


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