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Incentive is Not easy to get

Originally Posted by zz6938 View Post
Just did the Ultimate Driving Event Allowance. It is simple and easy, just like it was mentioned above.. 1k off is taken off before any Tax calculation. then what ever the number is plus tax title registration etc.
Unfortunately- its not so simple and easy unless you were lucky enough to attend the event. If there isn't a drive event in your area- or you weren't sent an invite, you are out of luck. The dealers schedule the drive events in a given area, and these have passed through my area more than a month ago. I called the reservation line to see where the nearest one was and it was about 600 miles away up on the east coast- in New York State. Nationally most of them are finished (according to the folks on the reservation line)

It seems to me the program is not well intentioned for those of us unable to get to a drive event. I think the basic idea of a test drive is to get current owners or prospective owners out to drive a new BMW and create some excitement and interest to sell a new vehicle. Unfortunately the program becomes discriminate when the majority of buyers aren't privy to the opportunity. The Ultimate Drive Event is promoted on the BMW NA website- its a national program- but available to few.

IMO, provisions should have been made for interested buyers to visit a dealer, test drive a vehicle and still qualify for the incentive, which I am sure is subsidized by BMW NA. I own more than one BMW vehicle, and am not happy with how they handled this program. The lack of loyalty to current owners has turned me off. I was shopping for a new X5, and prepared to shell out $65 grand, but I will now look harder at the Q7- the Touareg, and even closer at the new 2011 grand cherokee which is honesty a real 4x4 SUV, the interior and build quality has gone way upscale and comes with every thing a fully optioned X5 does for about $25,000 less.

So for a 1,000 bucks- and a poorly executed program, BMW will likely be loosing this customer
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