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Originally Posted by twssas View Post
Just took delivery of my 2011x5D last week.....and noticed a difference (or thought I noticed) a difference in steering (it seemed lighter), especially at highway speeds.....vs the 2010 x5d that I had. The 2011 has Michelins, the 2010 had Bridgestones. I ran 35/41psi in the Bridgestones, and that is what is on the Michelins also.......
When I drove all three 2010 X5 models before placing my 2011 35d order, I considered not buying it because the steering was way too light. I had made a comment about it to my CA and he thought I was bananas; I guess because a lot of people comment that the steering in his current line X5s is heavy. I guess that they don't come out of E53s...

My E53 had steering that was quite similar to the 335 sport loaner that I had been driving at the time. The 2010 X5s made me feel like I was more isolated from the road. When I went back to that loaner after the test drives, I thought to myself: yes, this is like my steering.

My dad had commented only a couple of months before that he thought that my E53 steering was pretty heavy, however he drives a Town Car. By comparison to a Town Car, Everything is heavy.

Before making the decision on the 35d, I had driven many other vehicles in the price and trim range, and they were all even lighter [I could spend much more and get a Porche, but no]. I decided that I'd get over it because I needed to replace the E53 because of the increasing maintenance costs; the E70 was the best alternative.

I loved that E53; If I could have done the surgery to add all the new toys and put a bigger engine in it, I Definitely would have done it. However, being used to a standard xmission, using sport mode, shifting it myself when I needed to, and the will and knowledge to b*tch slap a 25yo in stupid car that thinks they can outdrive a 40+yo woman in a 5k pound SUV, definitely more than got me by. They'll think twice about attempting it again ... at least to a BMW . I think that acting that I don't know that they're there adds to the embarrassment.
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